Saturday, April 04, 2009

And today's blogger is....

Mommy asked me to be the Guest Blogger today --- something about being worn out – I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Well, I’m happy to blog today because it’s a very special day….my Daddy’s birthday. I think he is the best and I thought I’d give you my Top Five Reasons Why I Love My Daddy. (I’d list more, but I’m only 9 months old and I don’t know how to count very high yet.)

#5…..He makes me laugh. He cracks me up and I save my very best giggles for him. My WHOLE little body lights up when I see him. I just can’t help it.
#4.…He loves me so much that he changes my diaper (even the poopy ones!), feeds me bottles and messy table food, gives me a bath almost every night, rocks me when I'm tired or fussy, reads to me and even carries my pink diaper bag in public….and he doesn’t even complain! (Mommy says we’ve trained him good!)
#3….He loves my Mommy. I think my Mom is pretty cool but he REALLY loves her BIG, BIG, BIG! That makes her very happy – which makes my life a LOT easier. (You know what they say…..“If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”) #2….Everything he does, is for our family. He’s even planning a trip to Disneyworld one day…..and he might even bring ME!!! (But really, I'm just happy hangin' out with him.)
And the #1 reason I love my Daddy… that he puts me and my Mommy before EVERYTHING else (well, except for God) and he doesn’t even care if everybody knows it. Mommy and I think that’s pretty darn special. We think that HE is pretty darn special. I love you, Daddy. Happy Birthday!

Love, Gianna

P.S. Mommy says she loves you too!

BIG NEWS: For Daddy's birthday, I thought I'd "throw him a bone." - I cut my first tooth, I crawled for the first time and I said "DaDaDaDa" all day long. I know....I even impressed myself. GL

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  1. that is too cute! gianna is a great blogger and she is absolutely precious!!!


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