Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small Moments

Sometimes, we spend so much time anticipating the grand moments in life (marriage, births, adoptions, homes, milestones, raises, etc.) that we forget that God hides himself in all the small moments which may seem inconsequential to those who might be too blind, too burdened, too
misguided, too preoccupied or maybe just a little too busy.
One of the gifts of beginning the adventure of motherhood at a more "seasoned" age is that I am well aware of how quickly time passes and am absolutely determined to not miss all those glorious mini-moments that make life so special. Here's to some of those small moments that I've been privileged to witness lately.
My prayer is that I have the discipline and the grace to remain attentive
enough to witness and appreciate many more.Gummy Grin and Dimples - Killer Combination

A little game of Bumper Walkers.

Gianna ordaining Luke to some super special ministry.
Touchdown! (or Praise the Lord - not sure.)
Sunning Buddies
Sugar for Sheridan
No comment necessary.


  1. Those pictures are precious! Thanks for reminding me to slow down and cherish every minute with Isabel. Love you!

  2. The first and last photos slay me. What a ham! (A very precious ham) I find myself saying with Palmer, "if I can just make it to six months". We'll make it to six months regardless, there's no can or can't. I need to stop rushing/wishing these sweet, sweet days away. No joking at all when I say, thanks for pointing out the obvious.


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