Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Acts of Toddlerhood

One morning Little Miss Prissy pants thought it would be much for fun to have a party in her crib instead of taking a morning nap. We had company coming later that evening so we decided we'd try and keep her up as long as possible so she'd be good and rested by the time our guests arrived. She was so tired - but we kept her going.
My sweet husband offered to do my grocery shopping and take her with him (brave soul) to help keep her up. A little over an hour after they left, I called his cell to see where they were. He answered the phone and I heard the Veggie Tales CD blaring. He told me he had been talking to her at the top of his lungs, singing and trying to pinch her toes the last few miles trying to keep her awake (only a 7 minute drive to the store.) By the time they pulled into the garage, she all but oozed out of her carseat. She was so tired she looked like one of the Wonder Twins who morphed into a glob of slime. (If you don't remember that cartoon reference, then you're WAY younger than me and it would be really nice if you wouldn't remind me of that.)
I digress.
She was such a wet noodle that I had to change her diaper on my lap. Here's the tired little monkey absolutely passed out and draped over my lap like a blanket: I've been feeling a little guilty about not pushing the whole self-feeding thing with her, so yesterday I let her have at it. I'm pretty sure I would drop a good 15 pounds in a matter of days if I witnessed that kind of yuck several times a day. She had a ball and was sooo proud of herself. Guess who had an afternoon bath on that day? This was her expression when asked, "Gianna, would you like to take a bath?"
This is my all-clean little angel ---fresh as a daisy.
And this one - just makes me smile. She was cracking herself up in her big comfy chair. I'm pretty sure this is what pure joy must look like.

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  1. Love the fact that her face is covered with food! She's gotta learn sometime.


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