Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Red Plate Special

Growing up, I had a friend whose family had a red plate. Just one red plate. One special red plate. It was a red plate that had lovely white writing around the rim that said, "You are special today." This plate was used every kind of celebration imaginable....birthdays, anniversaries, great report cards, marking milestones, etc. and it was not just for the kids - parents too. Even company got to use that red plate if they were celebrating a special event while at their home. I was one of those lucky guests - and it really did make me feel special. (Actually, it was really the family that made me feel special - but the plate helped the celebration.) I always said that when I had my own family, I wanted to have a special red plate too.

Well, I've been searching in stores for years, with no luck - until Internet shopping came into my little existence several years back. I found the plate (it's actually imported from Germany.) But I had a tiny little issue nagging at me. The plate states: "You are special today." Lovely sentiment. Makes total sense.....but I wanted my children to know they were special everyday. I know, semantics. But it mattered to me.

So as I was as I was clicking on my googled links, trying to score the best deal, I stumbled upon another plate at an online Christian store. Same concept. Red plate (not from Germany, I'm sure.) Similar white writing around the edges (not in near as fancy a font - kinda looks like the Charlie Brown font from the comic strip.) But I could buy into the saying a little more. It says, "God thinks you are special today....and every day." Now that's what I'm talking about. The fact that the plate was different than everyone else's plate was was really mattered and was what made it so special.
I actually like the look of the first one better - but I bought the second one. That's what we'll be using - maybe until I can make my own at a ceramic shop one day. That would be a cool alternative. Actually, just getting a red plate from Target or Walmart would work too. It could be any color....just different from your usual dinnerware.
Looking forward to many uses of our special red plate.

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  1. You could totally make one at a Paint You Own Pottery place, and that would be twice as special. I love the idea!


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