Monday, September 21, 2009

Sittin' in Style

Isn't so great when babies are small and there are all sorts of contraptions that can contain them while you get a few things done? Then they grow a bit and finally have an attention span long enough to watch and enjoy a 25 minute video, and you never thought you'd be so happy to do laundry, or empty the dishwasher or scrub a toilet without a little "helper" under your feet.
We've been fairly creative in corralling this busy bee for her quick little video breaks.
Well, there's always the trusty high chair....

And then there was that stool that Mommy actually wove with her very own sore fingers....
That lasted about 10 minutes, until the mover came to take it away.We even tried boxes......but it sorta blocked her view.
And this box seemed perfect........for a good 2 minutes or so.

And that cute little chair Mommy bought in Mexico for a whopping $10 was great........but she had a hard time getting comfy.

And there's always just plain ol' sittin' on the floor...

....which is great ---- until she gets distracted, and then starts digging, rearranging furniture or getting in the middle of whatever I'm trying to do.

What to do? What to do?

I've always wanted to get her one of those cushy chairs from Pottery Barn Kids, but they' re so darn expensive. I've been looking on Ebay, checking second hand stores - thinking I could make a slipcover, even looking at alternative chairs at the big department stores. Nada.

Well, after much deliberation and prodding from my sweet husband, I finally gave in.

I bought one.

(Except ours doesn't say "Julia" on it. Actually, I didn't have it monogrammed - so I could pass it on later.)

I bit the bullet and paid WAY more money than I usually would for something that I really don't have room for -- and I have to say..........

.....I could not be happier with my purchase. (As you can tell, she's pretty happy with the purchase too!)

I bought the Oversized Anywhere Chair from PB which will fit her for several years. (SO glad I got the oversized version). It's adorable, so well made, and just a smart little piece of furniture.

I'm always thinking how I can make things cheaper - but there's no way I would have come close to this. Best money for toddler paraphernalia I ever spent.

Now, back to my chores while she watches her morning video!


  1. I love Pottery Barn and am always thinking I would want to live in the catalog. I did get a crib skirt from the store near us when we were waiting for the other baby (that did not get placed.) I love how you thought to not monogram it so you could pass it on later. So nice of you!

  2. Maria. We LOVE this Chair. LOVE IT! Jackson got one from his grandparents for his first birthday. He used to sit in it and drink his milk. Cooper LOVES to dive off of it and land on a bunch of pillows underneath.
    By the way, I'm coming to Lake Charles on Wednesday. Do you think we could meet up? Maybe on Thursday? Maybe Emily and Abby can come too! let me know!


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