Friday, October 02, 2009

Football Gaming & Puppy Training

Last week was my high school's homecoming football game. My hubby was working late, so my brother and I took Gianna to her very first football game. Nowadays, anytime she sees me with shoes or make-up on she says, "Go, Go, Go!" (Kinda pititful huh?) This was one of her "go, go, go" moments...

She was wide-eyed as we pulled up to the stadium. She soaked it all in for about fifteen minutes and then she was all up in that football action. Well, technically not football action because she hasn't discovered that anything was happening on the field, yet --- but the stands were where it all was for her (much like her Mommy).
She was getting tired during the second quarter so we left after the half-time show. I would have put money on her falling asleep before we got out of the parking lot, but nooo sirreeee. That child cheered all the way home. All I heard from back seat was,"Yay! Horray!! and Woo Hoo!" I think we could possibly have a future cheerleader on our hands. (Oh dear.)

On a Different note:

Gianna has watched me give Max (our Peekapoo) treats and getting him to do his little tricks. She picked up on what was going on and wanted to try. So funny. If I ask if she wants to give Max a treat, she coming running and pointing to his treat jar.

Max is such a good sport.
He'll stand like that forever until she's ready to give it up.

Sometimes, she forgets to let go.
This is Gianna saying, "Up, Up, Up!"

Teasing the poor puppy.
Max sure does earn his treats.


  1. Sometimes our puppy just stands up like that and hopes we give her something. Makes me laugh so hard.

  2. Maria, she is precious and Miss Personality> Just like you!!!


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