Monday, October 05, 2009

Ripe for the picking!

In case you weren't aware, we, the Louisiana Lewis family, are fruit tree growers. I try not to tout this little nugget of information, but it's just plain fact. We just finished harvesting a succulent crop of satsumas. This amazing little fruit is from the mandarin orange family. It's smaller, less acidic than regular oranges (great for kids) and the peel all but falls off.
Sweet, juicy, seedless. Yummy. It's been a stellar year for the the Lewis Fruit Tree Growers. You may remember
where we had an equally as bountiful & beautiful crop of delectable fruit. To you non-growers out there who may be a little overwhelmed by our technical jargon (harvest, crop, etc) ---- let me help ease your mind. I don't want you to be jealous, or intimidated or even impressed - because, in a nutshell... WE DON'T DO DIDDLY. Frankly, when they seem ripe - we just pick 'em. So technically we're not even fruit growers...we're fruit pickers (and mighty fine fruit pickers - I might add.) We've actually managed to assassinate the 3 fruit trees we've been given since moving here 4 years ago. It just so happens that the 2 we inherited with the property are doing particularly well - no thanks to us.
Yes, I do realize that these little oranges or not actually orange. The last time we waited til they were orange, they were over-ripe and dried out. They're actually super juicy at this stage.

I know you're wondering what Miss Prissy Pants thinks of these satsumas.
I think she's impressed with the fact that she can eat something that's growing off the tree. I'm sure that little discovery will provide lovely blogging material (and possible doctor visits) in the future.
As soon as she gets a hold of one (or more) she starts counting, "uh, doo, weeeee!" Translation: "One, Two, Threeeee!" and no, she doesn't speak French (on purpose, that is.) If you don't make it to her before weeee (3) then more than likely you'll be cleaning up a "splatsuma" mess. :)

"Hmmm. What could this be?"

"Daddy's putting in my mouth - so it must be good...."

"....or good for me." "Uh-oh! Good for me? This could be a warning sign."
"Nah....just plain ol' good."

Yep, she likes them. Toddler enjoyed - Mother approved!
(Dimples to prove it.)


  1. I love satsumas!!! I cannot believe the amount of fruit you have there! That is awesome--I just might try to grow some fruit at the new house if it is really that easy :)

  2. I have never seen satsumas be that color unless they weren't ripe, but I trust you that they are good like that.

    I grew up in Citrus County, Florida and can you guess what we grew there?


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