Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Hair Cut

Well, she wasn't in desperate need of a haircut, but she had the beginnings of a mullet and a "faux"hawk....which had the potential of scary combination. :)Amber's been cutting my hair since we moved to The Bluff several years ago. I've adopted her as my little sister. LOVE her. I went to the Salon today to visit and schedule Gianna's first haircut. She took her right then! I'm glad I had my camera. (Words, I'm sure, my daughter will one day grow to dread. :)
This is the little book she got as a keepsake.

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  1. That little book so cool to document the first hair cut! I think our kids will not be happy that we had our camera for every waking moment. Mine already get tired of me constantly taking pictures. Glad it went well.


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