Sunday, October 25, 2009


Doggon' it. Iain was working late (again!) and I had spent another long day alone with the energizer bunny who seems to be missing her "off" switch. After changing her diaper I opted for not putting another one on since we were on our way for her bath. Her little naked self toddled behind me down the hall and I began to draw her bath. Well, I suppose I should have replaced her diaper, because she peed on the wood floor and then slipped and fell, smashing her little mouth on the floor. I felt terrible. Blood, screaming - horrible! I didn't even want to look inside her mouth - not that she would let me. After a good solid sixty seconds of drama....she was done. I was a mess - but she was fine....just a swolen little lip.With her chubby little face - it was actually pretty hard to notice.
(Oh - and the bite over her eye gave us a little scare earlier in the week. We didn't really know what it was. It swole so badly that her little eye was beginning to shut. Thank heavens her Uncle Robert is a pediatrician and could tell us what to do over the phone.)
The next morning she woke up as good as new.

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  1. Maria. First, thank you for always having a new post. Everytime I check my blog roll and realize you have updated, I am so eager to read what y'all are up to! Secondly, there must be something in the air, because Cooper managed to hurt himself while A. playing in the tupperware cabinet (he was walking and slipped on a piece, and landed on another. It even drew blood. Looks pretty ugly. B. crawling. He is mostly walking, now. But, when he is really in a hurry he puts his head down and doesn't pay attention to what's in front of him. Like the door frame. HUGE bruise on his forehead. Basically, he looks great - just in time for his first birthday party! : ) I need to take some pictures, too.
    Keep up the blogging!


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