Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh Deer!

This evening we hopped in the van and took Gianna to the State Park that's five minutes up the road from us. As we were driving through the park to our usual destination, we were privileged to experience a lovely encounter.
These deer were right next to the road getting a little supper, so we stopped to watch.One of the deer crossed the road and came right up to our window.
She was so beautiful and was just as in awe of us as we were of her.
She stayed right there for about five minutes.
Gianna watched intently and we rolled down her window. She was very quiet with an occasional sweet outburst of "Mooo" and "E I E I YOOOO!" (So what do deer say, anyway?)
How fortunate that we have such wonder right in our (figurative) backyard.

Oh yes, and here's one more little "dear."
Doesn't she look like she's auditioning as a street urchin from Les Mis? I guess it doesn't really matter how we dress her....she's still pretty darn cute.

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