Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things good moms might want to avoid...(video added)

Things good moms might want to avoid #354:
Giving the munchkin temporary access to your button collection.

Gianna's favorite rooms in the house are the ones she'd not allowed in (shocker). The other day I was moving a box out of my guest room (also used as a craft room) and guess who weaseled her way in there before I could make it back to close the door? I wasn't too worried, because most everything in there is secured. She came teetering down the hallway, shaking something making an enormous amount of noise. I immediately knew what she had: my container of hundreds of buttons. She was loving the noise and on my way to her she managed to unlatch the lid and buttons flew everywhere. I don't know if I've ever laugh that loud and for that long. She kept on saying "Woooah!" and "Uh-oh" in between the fits of laughter. So, like any good mom, I quickly grabbed the camera.
She actually never put one in her mouth! Will post video later today. (funny) ** Edited to add video:

Things good moms might want to avoid #355:
Placing the broom within reach of a child in her high chair.
Lovely.Things good moms might want to avoid #356:
Teaching your child how to give the dog treats at the same time your teaching your child how to self feed.

Proudly applauding her efforts.

Things good moms might want to avoid #357:
Taking pictures of your child doing things you don't want her to repeat. Oh well, when you're alone with your child for 10-12 hours a day (or much longer lately) -- you need a little entertainment.


  1. I would so crawl through the doggie door if I could fit!

  2. I don't know who cracks me up more - her antics or your writing/perspective. I love how amidst the button chaos you went to grab your camera, (I would have too!)


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