Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a Vision!

There are very few doctor-related experiencing I can say I enjoy. But there is one exception: my Optometrist (and long time friend) Rob Janot and his AMAZING staff at Vision Source.
Today, someone else got a checkup.....My Blue-Eyed Girl

Last July ('08) I had my regular eye exam and ordered my contacts and glasses. The contacts came by mail, but I had to go into the Clinic to get my glasses. In between those two visits, we got the surprise blessing of Gianna. So when it was time for my second appointment, I packed up my new little 2 week old and headed to Vision Source, not telling them about our little miracle delivery. When I walked in with a five pound newborn and announced that she was my DAUGHTER....they were shocked and amazed and puzzled since I wasn't pregnant two weeks earlier. :) It was so fun to share the good news and the baby with this bunch of wonderful people. We are proud to tell people that her first Field Trip was to Vision Source.

They've begun a really cool program around the country where certain optometrists volunteer to screen the vision of 6-12 month olds. It's called InfantSEE. I had no idea they even did this - and Gianna was a little older than the age range, but it's a wonderful program promoting good eye health and it's free. The screening was really interesting - especially since she can't read eye charts. She even had her eyes dilated. Apparently, there are a lot of vision/eye issues that go undetected until kids are old enough to be screened in school, when it's often too late - or they miss out on helpful intervention. (You can click on the icon below to learn more and to see where there are optometrists near you that are affiliated with the program.)
A few shots of our day....Gianna & Shanna picking out new specs for Mommy. Shonna trying to get Gianna to cooperate with part of the exam.Gianna with Shana, Shonna, Becky & Dr. Rob in the exam room. Dr. Rob & Gianna (I love this picture - Doesn't she look older? I can begin to imagine what she'll look like in Kindergarten.) *sniff*Gianna asking Dr. Rob if she can work there as an intern.
Sporting her "Baby Bandz" that she got at her first visit.

That wasn't her first time in glasses.....there were more.....

What can I say? My girl likes her glasses!
P.S. She got a great vision report.


  1. I just went to a course to learn how to do vision screenings on the children at my school and it was so interesting. There are lots of things that can go wrong early on and if people don't think to have their kids screened...

    Love all the shots of Gianna in her sunglasses. She is so cute!

    And yes, I will love surprising people with a newborn. It will be so fun...whenever that actually happens.

  2. I heard about that program and need to get my kids' eyes checked because Donnie has vision issues. Gianna is so funny- I just love that pic where she is just staring at the doctor's side of the face.

  3. Hi! I have been reading your blog since you were featured on Today's Creative Blog. Loved the ball/playpen idea and set one up at Grand Daddy's house. Gianna is so beautiful! I have a 14 month old son, so it is really fun to see what Gianna is up to since she is just a month older.

    I also love all the things Lousiana! I lived in Baton Rouge when I was young and went to college in New Orleans. YUM!

    I had to take Camden for a vision test in July and wrote about it here:

    I, too, had a rocky road to motherhood, so I can appreciate your struggles. What a joy to finally have your very own baby! Conrats!

    Love your blog!


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