Saturday, January 09, 2010

18 months – already?

How is it, that we wait and wait and wait for a baby and time seems to stand still – and then the baby miraculously arrives and time is boosted into warp-speed?  Can’t figure it out.

Gianna turned 18 months old on January 1st.  (Can I tell you how much I appreciate the easy math on my “first of the month” baby?!!)

(click to enlarge)
Life seems to be changing gears a bit and since the holidays and has been moving at a little slower pace. We just finished the 3rd section of our home study paperwork and have one more section before the interviews. It’s been a bit of a chore, actually.

We’ve been trying to keep occupied indoors because of our freezing Louisiana temps (go ahead, northerners – you can laugh) it has been mildly challenging.  We’re starting to break out the crayons and paints and enter the whole world of “Oooh, not on that! Only on the paper!.” And, “No, not in your mouth, crayons taste yucky.” 

Maybe will need to stick with the musical instruments for a while…


Yep - she’s gonna be one of THOSE musicians.
(Stinkin' cute shirt compliments of Ms. Sarah!)


  1. Yeah, girl! Play it with your teeth! I see she's in a shirt by Sarah Washington... I'm sad for mine to get too small..

  2. Happy 18 months Gianna and Mommy Maria!! I am amazed at the time thing fast! Remind me to tell you a funny story about not painting or drawing on anything but paper (it has to do with my niece, Virginia).


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