Saturday, January 23, 2010

Choosing Life

Iain, Gianna and I particpated in our local March for Life on Friday January 22nd (the anniversary of Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in the US).   We gathered on the courthouse steps with hundreds of others, listening to live Christian music, prayers, addresses that all illuminated the fact that it's up to us to make a difference.  When it was dark, we were all handed candles and processed to the cathedral for a beautiful prayer service with more speakers.  It was an inspiring and hope-filled evening.

I recently became elected to the Board of Directors of New Life Counseling, a non-profit crisis pregnacy agency that is all about saving babies from abortion.  They've saved hundreds of lives over the last few years.  I pray that the little bit of time and energy I am able to offer can make the slightest difference.  Gianna's godmother is making a huge difference this week.  She is in Washington D.C. for the National March for Life.  She had the opportunity to speak before congress on behalf of unborn babies and pro-life pregnancy centers.  What an awesome opportunity.  What an awesome witness for her godchild.

I remember being a little girl and learning what abortion was.  I remember being confused and horrified at the same time. I remember going to bed that night and praying to God and pleading, "If you just help these women to choose life and have these babies, then I would adopt them all."
Well, I didn't adopt them all - but there is one little baby that made her way to us - not only as an answer to a grown woman's prayer, but as an answer to a little girl's prayer as well.  I honor God for his faithfulness to that innocent prayer years ago.  I honor Gianna's birthmother for choosing life for her unborn baby. I honor them both for choosing me to be the mother of this precious child.

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  1. Gianna is so adorable. I'm so glad she found her way to you!


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