Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday in the Park...

Okay, so it was Friday, but I happen to really enjoy that song by Chicago. Iain was off from work and we wanted to spend some family time together.  She gets so excited about every little thing that it's just so much fun to do things with her.
I love this one of Gianna holding her Daddy's hand.

I've been playing around on Picnik with some pretty fun photo-editing tools. I have and use Photoshop Elements, but it's not nearly as user-friendly for novices.


  1. Good photos - love the last one. those moments that we should all cherish!

  2. Perfect days lately for the park. I have taken the girls every other day is seems. But being only 1 person and 2 little ones I can only stay so long before I get pretty worn-out. I like the Picnik tool, thx!

  3. Gianna is so pretty -- > I think she gets it from her mommy! :)
    Let's do the park WEdnesday afternoon, if you are free...


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