Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We're always going through phases.

With Gianna, I've discovered that at any given time, she's either going through a phase that is sleep-related, food-related, behavior-related or people-related. Sometimes they overlap...and we really can't count on anything being whatever "normal" is for that week.

Gianna's never been an ill-tempered child, or overly defiant, but since she turned about 13 months old she seemed to have formulated her own little daily agenda and my days started feeling long. REALLY long. 

Lately, most of what was coming out of her mouth was, "No, No, No." followed by "Daw-ree." (Sorry.)  She was testing boundaries as well as my sanity.  It seemed like every minute of the day was full of correction and redirection.  It was wearing on me.  Even our pediatrician commented on how "independent" she is.  She also told me that she has two girls just like that and said, "Good luck!"
I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but not long after Gianna turned 18 months, things just seemed like they got easier with her.  Every single day, Gianna has brought joy to my life...but lately it's been like that most of the day every day (with minor exceptions.)  It was almost as if someone flipped a switch. I can even tell you the day......two weeks ago, Monday.  At first I thought it was a fluke - or just a lovely respite sent by my merciful God who was having pity on me.  But it's turned into a phase - the loveliest phase - for which I am so appreciative.

And as an added bonus to this phase has come a massive vocabulary explosion. I just discovered last week that she can count to ten (but won't do it on command.)  She actually did it when I was trying to put her back down after a middle of the night wake-up call. (She can be so much fun during those times.)
Anyway, this lovely phase may only last another ten minutes, but you can bet I'm riding this wave all the way to the shore.

*** I don't know why I ever post these things.  It seems like the second I do, she tries to make a liar out of  me.  She just ate part of a crayon....right in front of me and I didn't even notice until she opened her green little mouth.
And I'm not taking pictures for your viewing pleasure ~ because that might be a sign that this phase is ending. And it can't end. Not yet. Here's my new phase: denial.
And I'm embracing my denial, doggonit!
(I told you I was going to ride this wave til the end!)


  1. Maria you are so funny. Love the green crayon denial. Classic.

  2. We are entering the "mommy's days seem to be getting LONGER" phase right now --- two weeks down, five months to go!!! Big sigh.
    Thank goodness our babies are sooo cute....

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! You're little girl is BEAUTIFUL! Iough de'm going through some denial as well-my baby boy is a month away from a year, and I'm just so sad about how fast this past year has gone by :(. We have to cherish every moment!

  4. My Izzy wants to share with Gianna that yellow is icky.

    She was around 20 months when she decided to taste a yellow crayon. Not a huge bite, but a simple little taste. And not at home, but at a meeting at church. She promptly spit it out and LOUDLY pronounced, "Yellow taste icky!" I was embarrassed, but the other mothers at the meeting had a nice laugh.

    She has never tasted a crayon again. Even now at 3 1/2, she tells other children that, "Yellow taste icky."


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