Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Porta Potty

Gianna got a potty for Christmas.  I figured it was time to introduce the concept.  I haven't done much in terms of training at this point, but I have put the potty in the bathroom.  She names it, sits on it, puts toys in  it, and yes, carries it around.

We also got the Elmo Potty Time video for Christmas.  I had used it before when potty-training Hunter
SO cute.

At the close of every Sesame Street show, they always say, "Sesame Street was brought to today by the Letter ___ and the Number ___"
At the end of this video, it's the Letter P and the Number 2. 
(Tell me that's not funny!)

She actually sits through most of the video without losing interest.
I think she's beginning to get the jist of it:

Do you think she might be taking the concept a little too literally?

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  1. Hey, they say the best way to teach them is to explain it and then have them teach their dolly or stuffed animal. That's Dr. Phil's advice anyway! So she's on the right track.


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