Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Hunter was my practice child. I kept him during his first 3 years of life while his parents worked. He has been such a treasure and a true pistol from the start. He's one of the busiest, smartest and funniest kids I know. His imagination is UNBELIEVABLE. His mother partially blames that on me - but you just can't teach that stuff....just nurture it.

Hunter prayed for 2 years that Aunt Re Re & Uncle Iain would have a baby. Ever time he came to my house, he made a bee-line to the nursery to see if our baby had arrived. Well, last year, when Gianna made her grand entrance, we didn't tell Hunter for a few days until we knew it would be a sure thing. When it was, his mom brought him over and we took this video of his discovery of Gianna. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO . There's one of Hunter holding Gianna for the first time HERE.

Hunter and Gianna just love each other. Hunter refers to her as his sister....and I'm sure when she can talk she might refer to him as her brother. Hunter is SO excited that she can finally begin to play with seen HERE.

Anyway, today Hunter is FIVE. We celebrate you, sweet boy, and love you BIG BIG! Happy Birthday Hunter.

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  1. Okay, I am totally crying after the video of him seeing Gianna. I can't get over it! How wonderful God is! He answered all the prayers and blessed you with such a precious little girl! Wow!


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