Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Boy, Oh Boy! It's kind of interesting how 90% of Gianna's little friends are all boys. How strange? It seems like every now and then, everyone we meet or pregnancy we hear of is all the same sex for a period of time. Maybe it's just coincidence.

I'm sure there are plenty of little girls ready to play - that we just have yet to meet. No complaints here, though. These little boys are adorable and she just as rough and tumble as they are.
There's Nate, our adorable little godchild: And, Little-Man-Luke (Along with his cousin, Benjamin)

And sweet William who loves her so much that he can tell you how many days it's been since he's seen her - at any given time.
Sugar-pie, Jackson Alexander the Great! (OMG - he is SO cute.)
Check out his spiky hair. :) These two play SO well together.

Cuddly little Hudson (along with his big brother, Aden - not pictured)

And then, there's Hunter.

Edited to include:
Gianna, Cooper, Jackson
And our neighbor, Ashton.
Littlee Girl, when you grow up, you're gonna be so fortunate and excited to have all these sweet boys surrounding you.
* However, we may have to rent a few little girls to have an occasional tea party.

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  1. I know two more boys who'd love to play with that sweet girl!


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