Friday, August 14, 2009


All summer I have been wondering if Gianna would like watermelon......Her Daddy tried to show her what to do.... She did a little experimenting... She started to get the hang of it...
Got a little support from Daddy...And, from the looks of that juicy little grin...
....I don't believe I'll be wondering any longer.


  1. Maria!!! I was looking at Kaela Jessen's blog today and saw yours...WOW!! I cannot wait to talk to you - it has been too long! I am back in LC now and have a 7 month old boy (Benjamin). I couldn't find your email on your blog, but I would love to talk (maybe we can have a playdate?)

    Sarah Washington (Gregg)

  2. What a beautiful little girl! I dropped by after visiting Today's Creative Blog and now I'm hooked. I've added you to my google blog reader so I can enjoy your posts from now on! Great tips!

  3. Hey. I saw you won the camera strap at TCB so I thought I'd blog hop over. Your daughter is beautiful and I love her big ole SOUTHERN hair bow! We moved from Baton Rouge to Omaha, NE two years ago and little girls just don't wear them here. It is so sad...thankfully (for this reason only) I have boys who would look silly in them.
    Anyways, now I am babbling...Gianna is beautiful and after reading a little bit of your adoption blog, you had me tearing up.


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