Monday, August 10, 2009

Havin' a ball...

Wanna know why this monkey is smiling?
It might be because she has a very clever mommy - on those occasions when her brain cells aren't in rapid decline due to FMM (frazzled mommy moments - it's a medical can look it up.)

My sweet little girl is BUSY. She's is also FAST. And she happens to be very very CURIOUS. (A combination that ought to afford her mother weekly trips to the spa. We'll shoot for yearly.)
This child can redecorate a room in 30 seconds. Now that she's walking/running, she's able to redecorate multiple rooms in 30 seconds. I'm sure I'm not unlike many moms who feel a tinge of guilt putting busy babies in the Pack-n-Play, Jumperoo, Walker etc. at this stage in the game.
Well, this mom was getting a little desperate, so I tried to come up with a win-win for both of us.

I took an old Play Pen that I had when my godquads used to spend the night with me (one at a time).I found bags of balls (the kind you see in the ball pits at Playlands everywhere.)
I hit a sale and bought 3 bags (300 balls in all.)

Pretty, huh?
And, VOILA, we ended up with our very own ball pit for Lewisland.

That made for one happy busy baby. (You can tell by how deep the dimple is!)

Now I don't feel near as guilty when I put her in her ball pit. I can actually get a few things done on occasion. I hide all kinds of little treasure in the balls for her to discover and enjoy.

The only drawback:
my munchkin seems to have two EXCELLENT pitching arms.

All in all ~ a small price to pay for a happy little monkey.
Happy little busy babies......sure Works for Me! For more ideas head over to We Are That family.


  1. This is seriously brilliant. I have no babies as of yet, but I'm going to keep this tip in my head and employ it the very moment I do. ;P

    Very creative and resourceful of you!

  2. Maria, I already read this post.. but I was browsing Works for Me Wednesday (which I love!) and saw your link. This IS a great idea. You are so savvy!


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