Sunday, August 30, 2009


A year ago today, Gianna was baptized. That week we had a visit from my in-laws (for the baptism and to meet Gianna), a nasty hurricane brewing in the Gulf and we began packing up our house and car preparing for an evacuation (without my husband.) We almost cancelled since many people couldn't come. But, we didn't. It was crazy, but it was special and beautiful. (The pictures are from our Scrapbook. You should be able to click on them to enlarge them.)

I think this last one is my favorite.

She is being annointed with holy oil by Monsignor Dubois sporting that sweet gummy grin and dimple.

Right after the baptism, we had cake at the rectory. My parents had initially planned a catered reception following the baptism (1st grandchild. 'Nuff said.) which had to be cancelled due to the impending threat of Hurricane Gustav. Iain had to go to work (he gets locked in the plant during hurricane evacuations) and Gianna & I evacuated along with WAY too much stuff and our dog, Max. As stressful as all that was, I kept telling myself, "At least Gianna's an infant - I'd hate to be doing this alone with a mobile toddler." Well, let's just say that this year we're praying HARD for a quiet storm season.

Happy Baptism Anniversary, Little One.
I look so forward to celebrating this special anniversary with you every year.
May you always walk in the footsteps of Christ and in the light of His Holy Spirit.
God bless you always.

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