Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"G" speak & Sign Language

A few weeks ago I started jotting down the signs that Gianna has learned and uses most often. You know, all that stuff you say you'll remember twenty years from now, but you really won't unless you write it down. I didn't plan on the event that my child would go on signing strike. That's all part of the recent two-year old behavior we've been experiencing. (That post is coming soon to a blog near you.) She'll actually still uses signs, but only when she's motivated, but absolutely refuses to "perform" - which I am really okay with. I can't really blame her. There are rare occasions when she forgets she's "on strike" and will sign her little heart out. So, here is a rough estimate of her pre-strike signing vocabulary. (Regardless of the strike, I'm a HUGE advocate of baby signing. It's certainly not necessary, but it has reduced that not-so-wonderful whining down tremendously. I really think it's bonded us, too, and given her a sense of control and satisfaction when she's able to communicate various needs or thoughts. Sometimes, she actually quizzes me. She'll do the sign and wait for me to say the word.)
Thankfully I recorded her a few weeks ago when she was a little more cooperative.
With the reduction of signing, has come an increase in her verbal skills, which may very well be a natural progression. As I'm compiling this list, I'm really shocked by how much she's saying. Listed below is a little translation guide of words that Gianna uses fairly often.
We'll call it "G" speak.
What she says is in "quotes." What she means is in (parentheses.)
"bah bah" (bye bye)
"dahhhhh...DAH" (this is 'bye bye down in a very LOUD voice- whenever we're getting ready to leave or she sees a door)
"da da" (Daddy) Used to say dada all the time not much now
"ReReRe" (Ring around the Rosie) I will have to get this on tape.
"nah nah" (Knock Knock)
"taa taa" (Tap Tap)
"Baw" (ball)
"Buh" (book) always accompanied by the sign
"Chee" (Cheese)- if given the choice, that's all she would eat ---- I'm telling you, this child has my DNA
"la la la la" (Elmo - as in the Elmo's World song)
"poo" (spoon)
"tee" (teeth - actually she only uses in as in "I want to brush my teeth.")
"nee" (knee) - good translation, huh
"ny ny" (night night)
"rah rah" (rock rock) as in rocking in the chair or rocking a baby doll
"dow dow dow" (Down Down Down ---- referring to the lowering of the garage door)
"uh uh uh" (Up Up Up ----- yep....that's the opening of the garage door)
"cah" (this one is invariably followed by the sign for car and a guttural motor sound....always done together)
"nyo nyo nyo" (no no no)
"Yee" (eat)
"tee tee tee" (what a bird says)
"duh duh duh" (what a duck says) so cute that she won't use quack....only duck
"ruh ruh ruh" (what a dog says)
"mow" (what a cat says) always in a high pitch
"yeah" (yeah) this one she repeats a lot...usually as she's playing "yeah, yeah, yeah, nyo, yeah." so cute
"TAHP" (stop) This is my absolute favorite word/sign combination that she does. She always does it with a HUGE grin and an emphatic tone. (Mimicking us, I'm sure.)
She's also big into kissing. Blowing kisses, Actual kisses, Eskimo kisses, Butterfly kisses....the whole shabang. Loves them all.
There are quite a few things I'm surprised she's not saying. "uh-oh" is one and how 'bout "mama" or any thing remotely related to mother. She's actually not saying "dada" much anymore either. Little turkey! I'm thinking that's a control thing. Geez, they start early with that hunger for control.
***ADDED NOTE: Wouldn't you know that as played the video to make sure I had the right one, she sat next to me watching and signed EVERYTHING I was asking her to on the video. What a little monkey. :)

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