Friday, April 15, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

A while back there was a popular Facebook trend where people shared 25 Random Things about themselves.  It was such fun reading people's creative thoughts and tidbits about themselves.  I saved mine for a day when I had nothing to blog about or no time to blog.
 In light of the fact that I'm having a garage sale tomorrow and an open house on Sunday, and my camera is in the shop - it looks like the time has come. 
 Lucky you! ;)
(On one of the rare days I straightened my hair.)

1. My dad used to tell me they almost named me Cinderella – then I’d be Cinderella Tartamella. (My dad STILL thinks he’s funny.)
2. I can remember some of the dreams I had when I was three and four years old.
3. I love bananas, but dislike anything flavored like banana; I’m not a big watermelon fan, but love anything watermelon flavored. Go figure.
4. Right before I had to give an address to a crowd of 2,000 people, my friend (on the stage) saw a spider crawling on my back. He flicked it off with his program just before I had to speak.  About halfway through my speech, I found out where it ended up…….my cleavage. Aaaaagh! It crawled it’s way out (it’s a wonder it lived!) and I flicked it off for good....during my speech.
5. It took me a LONG time to find my true love…..but it was well worth the wait.
6. I met my husband on a blind date.
7. I had only had one bridesmaid at my wedding…..and ten priests!
8. I saw Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa in person....each twice.
9. I never knew why they call them “Buffalo Wings” until recently.
10. I love watching the Food Network, TLC and HGTV, but equally enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching trashy reality shows on Bravo and E! (Giving them up was one of my Lenten sacrifices - and I'm happy to report that I really haven't missed them.)
11. I moved to Louisiana from Long Island, NY when I was 11. Was devastated to leave then – don’t ever want to leave now.
12. My dad went on five mission trips to Nicaragua. My husband is originally from Nicaragua. People continue to ask if my dad brought him home for me as a souvenir. (The nerve!)
13. On October 1, 2007 we turned in our adoption profile to our agency. I emailed our friends and family that day to say, “We’re done with our part; now we wait. We consider ourselves officially expecting.” Our daughter was born July 1, 2008…..exactly 9 months later. I took that as God’s sign that she was ours…and He’s been proving that reality ever since.
14. Upon meeting my grandmother’s not-so-couth little doctor, she gave me a head-to-toe glance and boldly proclaimed, “My, aren’t you sturdy!?” (Since then, I no longer use the word 'sturdy' and have banned the use of it in my home….except to quote this crappy little story burned in my memory.)
15. I have an amazing memory – but I often don’t trust it.
16. I love, love, love taking pictures editing them and making digital slide shows and photo books.
17. I used to think I was smart – until I tried a sudoku puzzle…I solved it – just at the pace of a “slow-learner.”
18. My favorite techie invention (next to blogging and FB), is Tivo. Every single day, for three and a half years – I’ve said, “Gotta love the Tivo!” (You can add Netflix to the list, too.)
19. My favorite sound in the universe is a baby giggling….particularly my baby. (A close second, is the sound of a bag of Doritos being opened.)
20. I love to travel – but love coming home even more.
21. Iain and I gave each other a treadmill for Christmas. We can’t wait to use it...maybe before next Christmas. (Gianna uses it as her 'diving board.')
22. I have godchildren who are quadruplets – they're my godquads.
23. I am determined that one day I will go to Italy – it’s my dream vacation.
24. When I was a kid, I dumped an enormous jar of pennies down my shirt….we later discovered
there was $20 worth of pennies in that jar. (This one’s for you, Monique.)
25. I am a great cook, but only once did one of my 'clever creations' made it to my "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" list.  Incidentally, it's the only dish that actually made my dear husband sick...literally.  (And, no - I'm not tell you what it was. :)

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