Wednesday, April 06, 2011

G's New Ride

So, last Christmas we considered getting Gianna one of those little battery operated four wheelers.  It was on sale and in our hands and we saw that it was for kids up to 35 pounds.  We figured she wouldn't get much use out of it since she was almost 30 pounds, so we scrapped the idea. (Who knew she's be at 29/30 lbs for over a year?)

Last week, she and I walked over to our neighbor's house they have a 7 and 2 year old boys with a YARDFUL of fun cars, trucks, four wheelers, etc.  Gianna was in a sweet little embroidered dress and her rainboots.  When she saw those little vehicles, she kicked off those boot and sloshed threw the mud as fast as little once-white socked feet could carry her.  She hopped on the four wheeler like it was horse and she was gone.....giggling as hard as she could.  She aimed for the biggest mud patches she could find and squealed with delight as I tried to redirect her. She had a BALL!

When Iain got home that night I told him that our four wheeler call last Christmas was a mistake.  It just so happened that the next day we saw a sale ($40 off) and thought it would probably be worth the investment.
We were right!!!!!

Here's a little taste of her big fun...

And a few other shots thrown in for good measure.

Happy Spring, Y'all!

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