Monday, April 11, 2011

Car Chat

Yesterday was a FULL day - in a good way. That morning before we left for church we had to once again 'show ready', we brought our dog, Max, to my parents house since we'd be gone all day...and you never know when someone will call to see the house. (This 'just in case' mode is starting to wear me out....and it's only been 3 weeks.) And of course, no one called to see the house.

After our fun day with our dearest friends, we picked up Max and from my parent's and desperately tried to keep Gianna from sleeping in the car since she had missed her nap and was whooped!  She asked to hold Max (which I usually don't do - for Max's sake) and I obliged. 

It was really comical.  I didn't get the funniest part of the ride on video, but I did manage to flim a little chat.

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