Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

It was a lovely weekend.  I felt like I had my act together this year, embracing Lent and preparing for Easter. It sure made the holiday so much more enjoyable.
My parents' neighbor provided Gianna with yet ANOTHER stuffed bunny.  Ridiculous.

We colored eggs which is always fun for the first ten minutes.
I mentioned to Iain that a couples of the eggs had cracked and Gianna said,
"Oh no, Daddy.....the eggs crapped."  :)
After we colored eggs, we had this little discussion:

There were also a couple of attempts at some Easter cakes....

Easter Morning

There was a little bunny parade leading the way to the offerings of the Easter Bunny.

Iain put together a little video of Easter morning...

On our way to Mass to celebrate the Resurrection....

Ahhh.....taking pictures of a two year old.
And when we finally get a sweet shot of her, then her mom looks like she's on drugs.
But my two loves seem to manage to always get a good one of the both of them.

And on a side note....
I can totally relate.

Sending Easter Blessings to all of you.

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