Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Year Book Time

Remember that day each year in school when yearbooks came out from the previous year?  Oh, what an exciting day that was!  We couldn't wait to thumb through all those memories and wouldn't seem to tire from all the looking and reminicsing.  Well, our Lewis Land Year Book came in for 2010 and I feel exactly the same way.

Last year I ordered my first Lewis Land Blog Book - encapsulating the first fifteen months of my blog.  We just loved it and were shocked at how much our, then, 17 month old enjoyed perusing the pages. 

Well, I just got in my 2010 Blog Book and I am equally as amazed and proud at this professionally published book.   I love that it's become our family yearbook, documenting the highlights (and some lowlights) of our lives in Lewis Land.  It makes me feel so good as the historian for our family to have this easy and creative outlet to preserve our memories.

I love writing and photography and story-telling, so blogging is a great fit for me.  But there are many times I feel like throwing in the towel.  I know myself - and I know that if I let the blog slide for too long - it would be too easy to give it up completely....which is why I post fairly regularly.  Sometimes that commitment makes me feel a little like a slave to this whole bloggy world.  But alas, as soon as this beautiful shiny book arrives at my door -- I am completely motivated to continue this little labor of love.  It helps me remember that I'm doing this for me and my family --- not for an audience.

Both years that I have had books made, I have used the site Blog2Print.  I do absolutely NOTHING except provide my http address and my credit card.  I give them the range of dates I want printed and voila! I choose my cover theme and picture (there's a nice variety) and that's it.  It's done.  It's just that easy...unlike my Shutterfly Photo Books which take a little more (a lot more) time and effort. 

I am sure that years down the road, these little yearbooks will become even more enjoyable and meaningful.  I'm so grateful for this wonderful little invention.

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