Sunday, April 15, 2012

All around the mulberry bush...

...or tree, in this case.
We were invited by our fishing friends, CC and Toby, to come back to their home and pick mulberries.  Always happy to enjoy new adventures, we quickly accepted.
 I'm not sure if I ever have eaten mulberries before, but boy are they good.
"Nature's candy!" as CC says.
 Gianna quickly discovered that berry juice stains....
....A LOT!
Aren't they just beautiful?
It was so picturesque under the tree - almost as if it would be the perfect place for fairies to reside.
 CC and Gianna set out to find some.
 No fairies were discovered - but they did find 'fairy flowers.'
 And Gianna experienced her first honeysuckle.  Wanna know what she calls them?
 HINEY SUCKLES.  (Couldn't stop laughing.)

And of course she had a dry run on the boat.
Up to no good.
I believe she managed to get Toby wound fairly tightly around that little finger of hers.
Isn't this an awesome border for a garden? What a fun project.

Thanks again, you guys.  We had a great time and made some great memories.

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