Saturday, April 07, 2012

Trip to the Feed Store

My sweet friend Kelli invited Gianna and I to ride a few towns over with her to get some hay for her horses - which apparently is pretty hard to find these days.  There were a bunch of foals born nearby the feed store and we thought we'd make a little field trip out of it.

Well, neither of us checked the weather before we left and we drove into a gruesome band of thunderstorms.  We headed to the feed store and that was enough of a field trip for my munchkin.

As we walked in the door, Gianna immediately held her nose and started gagging. "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?" she inquired.  I couldn't stop laughed. She couldn't figure out why no one else notice that it stunk.  She asked the lady who worked there why it smelled so bad.  "Oh, that's just poop." she replied.  Gianna was horrified.  If it wasn't evident that my child wasn't a country girl on our recent fishing trip, then the trip to the Feed Store confirmed it. 

As we walked around we discovered some awesome things....

One of the ladies who worked there was so sweet and gave Gianna the full experience. 

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun...I would love the bunnies too. And yes, I imagine the smell was not pleasant. LOL.


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