Friday, January 25, 2013

First Sick Day

On the night of my birthday at precisely midnight, my door swung open and Gianna announced that she had thrown up in her bed - and broke down in tears.  That nasty stomach flu is running rampant in this area, so I was concerned, but I think we may have skated by with a mild bug.

Gianna has only gotten sick to her stomach one other time while on vacation in Florida almost 2 years ago and has never forgotten it.  Thankfully, Iain was there to save the day, because I'm a horrible stomach-sick patient and a horrible stomach-sick momma. God knows this about me and has been very, very kind to me in this area.  Surprisingly, I dealt with it all fairly well.  Gianna, on the other hand, was quite traumatized and loathsome of the entire experience.  She didn't want to go back to sleep in fear of another "attack" so we watched a movie instead.

Now, as pitiful as she felt - and as unpleasant as the situation was, the drama that this little monkey produced in response to it all was nothing short of hilarious.

She was convinced she was going to die and asked a thousand questions of all the why's and wherefore's of vomit. At one point she declared, "I bet of have the stomach virus! This is just terrible."

She really milked the whole thing (which I didn't mind) and was convinced that there was no one sicker than her on the planet.  She moped around like Eeyore and warned anyone within 20 feet of her that they had better stay clear of her germs. She had a movie marathon and was pretty lethargic punctuated by bouts of energy and fantastical ideas of possible activities for us to do. Sickness didn't affect her her incredible planning skills, that's for sure.

I'm telling you, that sleeping, sick baby is just about the sweetest thing I've ever laid eyes on. Look at those perfect pink lips. 

She woke up back to her old chipper self this morning and returned to school - positive she was greatly missed. (Can you imagine how quiet her class must've been the day she missed?!)  She's happy to share her tales of sickness to anyone who will listen, so if you see her, you might think twice about broaching the subject. :)

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