Friday, January 18, 2013

I Like Being a Kid

Oh my! It's no secret that my munchkin is full-on groupie. Her earliest and probably strongest admiration is for the Kinder's, a.k.a. Mr. Brian and Ms. Terry who are an incredibly talented and incredibly personable couple who travels around performing their original music to children.  Gianna has been hooked since she turned two and we began going to Story Time at our favorite library in The Bluff. (They have the BEST story time in the area - bar none.)

When I tell you that Gianna is a fan of the Kinder's, I mean she talks about them daily.  She begs me to take her to Arkansas (Little Rock - to be exact) to bring her to see them.  When I explain that they usually come here twice a year - she assures me that is not nearly enough.  She knows what kind of vehicle they drive and constantly wonders what they might be doing right this very minute.  It really is quite precious.

This year we were thrilled to find out that they would be performing in MB in the evening instead of the regular Story Time in the morning. Gianna was beside herself with excitement.  Santa even made a visit...and Gianna totally got out of the long line she'd been waiting on for 10 minutes to see Santa in order to go visit with Ms. Terry and Mr. Brian.  I'm telling y'all, she's got it bad!

We have every CD that the Kinder's recorded and it NEVER gets old for Gianna. I think she needs to be their manager - or at the very least - president of their fan club.  Here's there website - they even have a few YouTube videos that are cute.

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