Sunday, January 27, 2013

Princess Parties

Two Princess Parties in a row!  No complaints with my princess...that's for sure.

The first was a party at Club Tabby for sweet little Paige who turned two. She was also adopted and is the most exuberant little girl with a HUGE personality.

They had a "real" princess in attendance and when Gianna asked her name and she responded, "Cinderella."  I thought Gianna was going to come out of her skin. "MOMMY! Can you believe Cinderella is HERE?"

Immediately, Gianna asked to see her shoes. Poor Cinderella stammered some excuse and whispered to me that she wasn't even wearing shoes.  Poor Princess really started sweating when Gianna started asking questions... "What was your stepmother's name again?"  "Are your sisters mean or nice now?" "Do they live with you in your castle now?" Yada, yada, yada. I was having to secretly feed answers to her behind Gianna's back. 
Ooh girl! If you're going tell a bunch of toddlers/pre-schoolers you're Cinderella - you'd better come knowing your Cinderella trivia - or Cinderella facts - not so trivial to a four year old super-fan. Gianna knows her Cinderella facts (from all THREE movies - thank you very much.)

And Paige's new baby brother, Pierce, is the most precious little squish.

Our second party was Sophia's Royal Ball.  Sophia is one GIanna's best little girl friends. They were so precious.

 Gianna and another little friend named Sophia had a little concert.  They were hilarious...and precious.

 Check out the great cake that Sophia's DADDY made.  Kudos to Michael!

  And here are these two little best buds.

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