Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Many people view abortion as a political issue.
I suppose it is - but for me, it's more than that.

On Sunday, Gianna and I participated in a Pro-Life Prayer Rally.  After Mass we walked from the Cathedral to the steps of the Courthouse order to join our prayers with many others in hopes for a change - not only in legislature, but in mindset. 

Gianna's desire wasn't so much to pray as to play.n It was a beautiful day, lots of people, tons of kids.  I was fine with her running around enjoying herself until a more solemn part of the afternoon.  I asked her to join me in sitting during the praying of the rosary. (I was concerned she was being disruptive.)  She complied - with a little encouragement from Mommy suggesting that she make the sacrifice her prayer.  She watched the other children play in front of her and became increasingly fidgety and mildly frustrated.  Finally, she said to me with exasperation, "I am TIRED of sacrificing."

My first response was to laugh.  My second was response was to agree and say, "Tell me about it, sistah!" And after a little bit of contemplation, I realized that was the very crux of the controversy of the issue.  Women have to sacrifice their bodies, their time, their energy, their finances, their lives --- in order to say yes to life. Today, I do not feel called to make any political statement, nor do I have the desire or call to judge the choices of others.

Today, all I feel compelled to say is thank you.  Thank you to one woman - who said yes to life - when it wasn't easy.  I've not met this woman and know very little about her.  Her "yes" to life was my answer to prayer.  Her "yes" to life bore a child bound for great things and great love.  Her "yes" to life made me a mother and my husband a father.
Her "yes" to life is our daughter, our Gianna.

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  1. : ) So glad she said Yes! You've been on my mind so much recently! Miss you.


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