Monday, January 05, 2009

Ninja Baby

It doesn't matter how "girlie" we dress her, how much pink she's wearing, or how many bows or ruffles are on her clothing -- people invariably will say, "He sure is a cute baby!" HE? How dare they? :)

Since Gianna doesn't have a thick headfull of hair, we (I) typically put a headband on her with a big fat bow on it. She's actually a pretty darn good sport about it...until she gets tired...then she starts yanking. She usually pulls it over her eyes so she can fall asleep. (Since she was a wee little five pounder, we had to cover her eyes with a little silky blanket, so she could fall asleep. She's very curious and alert, and if there is somethin' to see - she ain't missin' out!) Sometimes she just pulls the bow off and chews on it until we notice, or she falls asleep.

Iain & I get so tickled when we drive somewhere and arrive at our destination, get to her carseat only to find her asleep with her headband over her eyes. She looks like a little ninja. Funny girl.

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