Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tick Tock - It's six o'clock!

It's pretty amazing how young these little creatures can develop patterns. Both Iain and I have a pretty strong internal clock - waking up at the same time every day without an alarm clock (both for different times, but super accurate, nonetheless.) Now, it seems our sweet baby girl has one too - and we don't even share the same DNA! No matter what time she goes down for the night (usually at 7:00ish) I will hear that little munchkin begin her baby babble at 6:00am (or with 3 or 4 minutes either way.) How amazing is that? Well, now that I think about it - the MOST amazing thing is that she sleeps for 11 hours straight (and sometimes longer). AND...I just discovered if I wait a little longer after 6pm. She may babble herself back to sleep for another good hour or so. Halleluiah!

Before people tell us how lucky we are (we're claiming 50% luck - 50% working pretty dern hard at developing good habits) we are currently emerging out of a little disruption to our formerly perfect routine. All of a sudden, about a month or so ago, Gianna would start screaming when we placed her in the crib (that horrible, pitiful scream) which she's never done before. And if she didn't scream when we put her down, she'd scream about an hour into her sleep. We couldn't figure out if she was in pain, going through separation anxiety, etc....until I got her out of bed on New Year's eve. Her cry was panicked and tears covered her face...I was heartbroken. I picked her up (first mistake) and she began to quiet as she sniffed and caught her breath. I brought her into the living room (2nd mistake) where Iain and I were had a little snack spread and wine to ring in the New Year. That little monkey saw Iain and the spread and squealed with delight, as if to say, "Oh boy, a party! What our we celebrating? I didn't know y'all were playing, Mommy & Daddy?" Oooh....she's a crafty one.

After a little bit of "Ferberizing" (adapted to suit our us) we are back on track.....for now.
P.S. You would know the night after I wrote this we had "going to sleep issues" with the munchkin. I swear, I think she reads this stuff. Oh well, that's what I get for blog-bragging!

Here are just a few random pics (like you haven't seen enough!)

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