Thursday, January 01, 2009

Six Months Already?

Today, January 1, 2009, our sweet baby girl turns six months old! Wow. We cannot believe it. Thankfully, we have been drinking up every sweet moment with her.

  • Gianna is now sitting without support or assistance - but you have to stay close in case the Weeble starts to Wobble... you know, so she doesn't fall down!
  • She rolls over somewhat regularly from front to back - and is super close to achieving the back to front roll.
  • Her absolutely favorite song from the very first month is Itsy Bitsy Spider and she's now begun to "sing" along when I sing it to her. She can be in a full-on fuss and still smile when she hears it! She also gets a kick out of the Twelve Days of Christmas - although mom's a little burned out on that one.
  • She grunts only occasionally these days, and if she starts it up, I sternly say her name and say,"Oh, no, no." She thinks that is hysterical. Ruh-roh...We're in trouble.
  • Yesterday, I was folding laundry and was shaking out the clothes to get the wrinkles out - making that snapping sound -- and she got the giggles.
  • She has been eating like a champ! Rice cereal, oatmeal (single grain), peas, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, squash, carrots and her very favorite..........PRUNES! Today, I begin my new venture in making my own baby food. More on that later.

Wishing you a blessed New Year! Don't forget our "real website"

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