Monday, January 12, 2009

Playin' Possum

Lately, Gianna’s favorite way to view the world is upside down. She is intrigued by how things look from that vantage point and doesn’t think twice about throwing her head back so she can be amused – no matter where she is. Little monkey. It’s so much fun watching her learn about her world…..not so much fun in church, however. :)
Oh, and on a side note: Little monkey has learned to kick free from her sleep positioner in crib in order to “move about the cabin freely.” The other day I heard music coming from her nursery during naptime. (I hadn’t put any music on.) When I got to her room, I saw her tiny toes kicking about in the air – aiming for her little musical aquarium. By golly, she managed to turn it on herself. Crafty little munchkin, isn't she? Thank goodness she can at least entertain herself!

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