Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's in a name?

Why is that we spend months/years coming up with a baby name, when we end up using so many other “pet names” to address our babies? For whatever reason, “L’il Monkey” seems to be the #1 term of endearment we use with our sweet baby girl. I found these little pajamas with monkeys on them – and a sweet pink stuffed monkey she got as a gift.

The myriad of alternative names we use regularly, include:
Angel Baby ~ Sweet Pea ~ Puffalump ~ Monkey Doo ~ Pumpkin Doodle ~ Pumpkin Head ~ Sugar Plum ~ Sugar Bear ~ Tut Tuttles ~ Toodle Bear ~ Love Bunny ~ Pork Chop ~ Sweet Potato ~ Love Bug ~ Cupcake and then there's Meatball Cheeks.

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