Sunday, June 28, 2009


For some odd reason I'm missing 7 of my most recent posts. Vanished. Poof. Gone pecan. They're missing and I have no idea how it happened. Dang. I wasn't even messing with the blog. I just happened to check something and noticed they were gone.
Thankfully, the originals are on my shutterfly site, but I have to re-load all those pics. This is the second time this has happened to me.
It'll take me a while to re-post them, so when you see repeats - that's why. (Update: they are already reposted....took an hour. DANG.)
If you have any insight into this little frustrating situation - please enlighten me.
Further Frustration:
My shutterfly book came in. So disappointing. That's a first for me. I still really love Shutterfly. Apparently all those pages I lost, then found, then reformatted to jpeg were a little more than their computers could handle. A lot of that text and pics are super pixilated. :(
I ordered the 12x12 size and some of the closeups of Gianna are bigger than ACTUAL Gianna. Some of the closeups with Iain & I with her are WAY too can count the pores and wrinkes.
The good news is that the 101 pages caused the book to bust at the seems....literally. There must have been a binding problem and some of the pages literally fell out the first time I openend the book. They have a great guarantee so I'll get my money back (or credited), re-do the pages (boo), finish the rest of the pages and do 4 separate 8x8 books instead of 2 honkin'sized 101 paged books.
And to top it all off....
we broke our good camera.....the week of Gianna's first birthday.
No idea how it happened.
All minor hiccups in the broad scheme of things.....just frustrating.

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