Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out of Blog Mode...

...and into Scrap Mode. Digi-Scrap Mode - to be more exact.

Since little Luke left for daycare three weeks ago, and since my baby girl will be ONE YEAR OLD in less than two weeks, I was determined to get her First Year Baby Book done before the big day.

I used to LOVE scrapbooking even before scrapbooking turned into the phenomenon it has become. I did it when I was kid. I still love it - but life's just different than it used to be and all the stars have to be in alignment, supplies laid out, time set aside etc. in order to get anything accomplished. It just doesn't make sense for me anymore.

When I discovered Shutterfly several years back, I began making Photobooks - just slipping in digital pics to pre-made layouts, clicking a button, and receiving a beautifully professional bound photobook in the mail less than a week later. It has made life much simpler and memories much easier to preserve. (And I can order more copies at any time - for gifts and such.) There is no mess issues, no space issues, no time issues, no spending a gazillion dollars on supplies, papers, tools, machines, contraptions, etc. In the end I'm spending less money with a fantastic end result that takes up FAR less room. (End of commercial.)

One of the main reasons I began blogging, was to chronicle our lives in words and pictures in order to help me formulate our Photobooks whenever the time was available. Added bonus: family and friends could keep up with us without flooding their inboxes with pictures, etc. I had purchased new digital scrapbooking software a while back and finally have been able to put it to use. I've been a Digital Scrapping NUT during naptime, night-time, daddy/baby bonding time -- every free minute. About halfway through, the program froze up and I lost everything. I was sick. Thank God my hero-husband was home and managed to find all the pages in a different form - so I couldn't edit them. (small potatoes!)

There's good news and there's bad news. Good news: I finished the book this morning....all 101 pages of it. I know what you're thinking. 101 pages!!!! Could that be any more ridiculous for a baby book? Why, yes, it most certainly could. So now for the bad news: The book only covers her first 6 months. I know what you're thinking.....I've thought it myself. That's just our reality. (Even more amazing - I've only used about 40% of the pics I have stored.) So now I'm working on volume 2. Pitiful, I know. Oh well....that's my reality. :) Here's a sample of a couple of pages. Can't wait to receive the book next week.

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