Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spoonful of Honey

Last week G and I went to visit my friend Sharon, whose grandkids all call "Honey." Honey and Anna Beth (one of her precious grandkids) had thoughfully prepared for our arrival.They had a sweet gift of the cutest little musical dancing duck that sings "Quackety Quack - Don't Talk Back" which thoroughly tickled G.

They thought of everything and even had a baby pool set up in the backyard. Anna Beth was such a great sport to sit in the pool with her and play and blow bubbles for her.
I'm pretty sure Anna Beth ended up getting even wetter than G.
Afterwards, the two snuggled in the recliner to watch Praise Baby. I'm thinkin' they could pass for sisters! It was a great morning and G was comatosed before we drove out of the driveway.Thank you, Anna Beth and're as sweet as sugar! :)

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