Monday, June 29, 2009

Movin' on up.... the next size car seat....front facing!
She was relatively unaffected - except for the enjoyment of getting to see things out the window.
Infancy is becoming a distant memory , but I'm not letting go of babyhood just yet. The rate of development at this stage is exponential and so fun to watch.

We got a ton of household projects done this weekend. As I was in the midst of the never-ending laundry game, my hero husband was installing a new light fixture in the kitchen and there were tools/ladder around so I was holding Gianna. Moving the wet clothes from the washer to the drier proved a bit cumbersome with a 20+lb baby on hip made the task more challenging so I looked for a quick fix and a safe place to perch the munchkin. Well, this was my solution: I summoned Iain into the laundry room claiming that I needed help b/c something was stuck in the washing machine. He came. He laughed. She laughed. I laughed....and good bloggin' mom that I am, snapped a picture.

This little goose is an absolute hoot to watch. She entertains herself (and me/us) for hours.
And those little baby minds are such sponges. From the songs with their hand motions, to the naming of objects, to the games we play often.....just so fun. Peekaboo continues to evolve from a blanket over the head, to peeking from around the couch to the old fashioned hands over the eyes. Don't you love how it never gets old for them? My favorite lately is the sign language. I am so amazed what she is picking up, understanding and using (with great accuracy). She knows the sign for eat and uses it regularly. (This is a modification of "eat")
The other day, I wondered (out loud) if she was hungry. She performed the sign for eat and crawled into the kitchen to her high chair. She got that from "hungry" - which I didn't teach her. Amazing little creatures they are.

And how could I forget? Little Miss Prissy Pants took her first steps this week. So so cute. I love the little Frankenstein moves. I don't have pics video yet because I never know when she's going to give it another try.

Actually, even funnier than those first steps has been her new speed-demon skills in her walker. She's only really moved backwards in it until a week or two ago. Now, she does laps around the house at breakneck speed with amazing precision. That video's coming soon to a blog near you. :)

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