Friday, June 05, 2009

In the Shade(s)

I just found the below picture...which might explain a few things: This is me at 5 months old with my dad at Jones Beach in NY. Hmmm.....hat/bonnet, sunglasses chubby cheeks. Look familiar?

Shady Behavior:

I was wisely advised that if you start putting hats, headbands, bows, sunglasses, etc. on little babies from the very beginning, they'll be less likely to quickly ditch them as they grow older.
I did fairly well in my efforts with the first three, but never did seem to take the effort to try sunglasses except for this one time before I misplaced those glasses.

I figure she'd give me et a bit of resistence with the shades, but now she seems to think they are pretty funny and interesting enough to keep on. (...until she decides to use them as a teething ring.
Happy to be outside.

Daddy's glasses.

Mommy's shades.

Every looks different.... ....especially when your upside down.
Little Stevie Wonder.

With Grandma.

No glasses here....but Uncle Vinnie's hat is pretty funny.

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