Monday, June 01, 2009

Holy Moly

Holy Moly. She's 11 months old today. Have you ever noticed that babies rarely get to be 11 months old? When people ask how old a baby is, the response is usually, "She/He will be a year old next month." Well, I'm squeezing every ounce out of this baby time that I can. So until midnight on June 30th, my baby's gonna be 11 months old. :)

On a different Holy Moly note, Gianna and I went to my parent's church picnic so they could show off their grandbaby. Their pastor, Father Keith Pellerin is one of my oldest, dearest friends even pre-dating his seminary days. Here are a couple of shots of Fr. K and G.

Gianna showcasing her new "shrug."(Dancing to some good Cajun music.)

Whenever G was a tiny little munchkin, she got to spend some time with a few holy blokes.

Fr. Keith & Gianna

Gianna either had enough of Fr. Keith or picture-taking.

Gianna at her baptism with Fr. Whitney Miller, Fr. Danny Torres and Msgr. Charles Dubois (our pastor in Moss Bluff)Lovin' from Tio Danny (Fr. Danny Torres)

Smiles from Uncle Wayne (Fr. Wayne LeBleu)

(Woo Hoo - Bishop in the House!) Fr. Danny & Bishop Glen John Provost

Bonus: a quick wedding pic of HALF of the priests at our wedding....there were 10 in all. (Interestingly, the clergy was five times as large as our wedding party.)

P.S. I used to be able to click on my pics to enlarge them, and now I can't. Does anyone know how I need to change the settings to fix that?


  1. What a Blessed family! I loved your wedding, so beautiful, one of my all time favorites!

  2. Wow that's some major priestage!How special-- I love me some Fr. Danny, too! and I cannot figure out the picture enlargement...I think it is in layout?


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