Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me again...

Hi. It's me again.Remember when my mom told you that she was going to babysit Luke for 9 weeks? Well, here was our first day....9 weeks ago.

...and here is our last day. Whew. We made it.

I think Luke's catching up to me.It was hard being couped up inside for so long.
Sometimes I get really loud, when I get excited and I get "shushed."
.....especially when I see my friends. (I've sure been missin' Isabel.)
We even got to play a little while for a super quick visit. And every now and then, we get to go outside. I even got a new pool...just for me.
It's fun and all, but I'm teething some more and it just seems like whatever face I gums still hurt.
Mom keeps saying she's gonna suck the puddin' right out of my cheeks. Oh, and there's just one more thing....
I was happy to share my Mommy with Luke for 9 weeks....but I think I'm ready for some Mommy & Me time.

Can you hook me up, Mommy?
Consider yourself hooked up.
I love you,

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  1. She's growing like a weed! A beautiful, chubby cheeked weed!


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