Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Bandaid Vacation...

Last year at this time we were preparing to go on what was to be remarkable trip to a five star resort in Cancun to help us get away, heal and renew after Maddie & Collin's adoption failed. We called it our "Bandaid Vacation" because it was supposed to make our adoption "boo boo" better.(Looks like a Corona ad, doesn't it?)
(View from our balcony)

(View from our front door.)

For eight glorious days we were treated like royalty, laid by the pool all day sipping tropical drinks, jumped in the ocean regularly, ate like a king and queen, and resided in an opulent suite. It was so good that we never left the resort except for a couple hours of shopping.

(We I booked the trip, I checked the box that we were celebrating our anniversary - I thought it was appropriate since they didn't have a choice that said 'failed adoption' on the form --- which they really SHOULD have! And, besides, our anniversary was in a few weeks anyway.)
(This is what they called a "magic box." When you ordered room service, they would put your order in and flip the ready light on. Then you open it up from the inside without having to see anyone or become "presentable." Pretty cool, huh?)
(Would you believe you could take these Mini Coopers out for an hour at a time if it was part of your package? Driving in Mexico alongside INSANE Mexican drivers? No gracias, Senor!)(The food presentation was AMAZING for every meal and the backdrop's not too shabby either.)

Interestily, we were supoosed to book a trip for Hawaii but they couldn't secure the dates til the end of July. I told our agent that I would be ready again to be open to adoption at the beginning of the July would be too late. Guess who was born exactly a month after we returned from Cancun? God's fingerprints were all over this one. Go God! :)

Here's the photobook I did of our stellar Bandaid Vacation:


Click here to view this photo book larger

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