Friday, May 08, 2009


Well, she started cutting her first tooth a month ago and you can finally see it fairly well now. That's it. Just one. One toof! And that little bitty, teeny tiny tooth has gotten A LOT of blame for a whole lot of attitude this last month. --- I don't really know if it's the tooth, but I am desperate for SOME sort of explanation to this child who appears to overdosed on some serious uppers. (And she's not on any medication.)

Did I mention that my perfect little sleeper has been having sleep issues the past few weeks and screams horribly when she goes down? (Apparently this isn't unusual for her age and I think we're on the upswing.)
And did I mention that Max's food and water bowl look so exciting to her that I spend 75% of my day trying to deter her from that area?
And did I mention that she is determined to go through the doggy door?
And did I mention she figure out how to unplug lamps and try to use the plug as a teething ring?And did I mention that she laughs when I say "no" or "stop"?
And did I mention that she is COMPLETELY unaffected if I raise my voice or lower the tone?And did I mention that she points her finger in the air and waves it while shaking her head and grunting in order to mimic me? (On rough days, I'm pretty sure she's mocking me.)
And did I mention that she's trying to rearrange my furniture?
Oh...and here's the kicker: Did I mention Iain's been out of town for the week and we still have another week to go? Aaaagh!

Other than that......things are great! I have to say that I'm pretty darn grateful - even for the struggles. I am one blessed Mommy.

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