Tuesday, May 05, 2009

“Baby Mama” Dresses

I just KNEW I was meant to be a “boy Mommy.” (And a really good one, at that.) After years of youth ministry, and years of being single praying for just ONE good and godly man, I was determined that it would be my mission to raise up some really great men in this world. The last three or four babies in my life were all boys and I just thought God was preparing me for this special self-ordained ministry.

Two things happened to throw a wrench in that little thought/dream/plan. First was having the privilege of raising Madison for that short little chapter in her life and doing all those fun girly things with her...tea parties, dress up, etc. The second, was my mother’s discovery of some of my sweet dresses that I wore as a baby. They had stained and yellowed with age and almost thought they were unsalvagable, but thanks to a little time, elbow grease and Oxyclean – I got them looking as good as new.

As we were going through the adoption process, I saw those little dresses hanging in the nursery closet, pressed and ready to wear….I discovered a secret tiny little yearning to one day have a baby girl to wear them (or a little boy who was a really good sport. KIDDING!)It’s been really special for me (and my mom) to see her in these dresses.

Thank you, Grandma Angel for saving those dresses for us! And thank you, God, for calling me to this unexpected girl ministy....especially to THIS little girl! My christening gown that my brother & I wore (& Gianna). I think it's funny (and wonderful) how most of the dresses have blue in them and none of them are pink. There's a yellow one too that I've yet to get a picture of.

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