Sunday, May 03, 2009

Little Munchkin on the Prairie

L'il Gianna Ingalls. :)

When we went to Mass today we witnessed precious little 2nd graders making their first communion. As I fast forwarded 7 years in my head to Gianna's 1st communion imagining her in her white dress, I got a little emotional. Then, it occurred to me that I made my 1st Communion on May 3rd 19** :) All those years ago on this very day, was MY special day. I just wanted to recognize that marker of my spiritual journey. Here's a picture from that day.

(Woo Hoo! Proof that I actually was thin in my lifetime! :)


  1. Please keep dressing Gianna up in the various costumes and head wear...she is the perfect model baby and I so enjoy the pics. She is way too adorable in that bonnet!!! and loving those knee socks Maria!

  2. Maria - I loved seeing the First Communion picture. When I think about mine, I instantly think of your mom, since she was my teacher (all time favorite, might I add) in second grade. I remember walking down the aisle (between desks) practicing in her classroom.


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